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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

I called SERVPRO on a Saturday evening and received a call back from a technician within 1 hour and was able to schedule an appt. Cliff was very knowledgeable and gladly answered my questions in detail not to mention the price was reasonable.

Wow! Quick and thorough. My basement flooded and they came to my rescue. They were great with my kids as well. Thank you!

Five stars - would recommend.

I don’t know quite how to start this . . . I want to say Tom and I came home on Sunday afternoon, July 9, to a devastating situation – the water softener in our laundry room malfunctioned and spilled 20,000 gallons of water over a 10 day period in our beloved house. Is that really DEVASTATING? No one died, no one is terminally ill. Albeit it’s a MAJOR pain in the butt, but really, it’s all just STUFF which can (and will) be replaced. We called SERVPRO Eagan/Apple Valley and they were at the house within 2 hours getting drying equipment set-up (THANK YOU VINCE, ANDRE, JAVON!!). I’m SO grateful to these guys. They’ve been diligent in their duties these past weeks. TOTAL professionals!

This whole experience has given me new insight into so-called tragedies. They aren’t the monster we imagine them to be IF we don’t let them take hold of us. Dealing with them in the right way allows our character to take the spotlight.

I guess that’s all I have to say. 

Five Stars!

Very honest and upfront. They came right away when I needed them. Would recommend.