Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Home from Overhead Pipe

Eagan, MN home damaged by frozen pipe. When it gets cold there is always a chance for pipes to freeze. Especially the hones that are not insulated well. This ho... READ MORE

Water Damage in Eagan Home

Basement in Eagan, MN is destroyed by water. The homeowners were stunned when they heard the wall break. They quickly went to the stairs to check what the noise... READ MORE

What to do if you have water in your home?

1. Contact a local restoration company like SERVPRO of Eagan/ Apple Valley. 2. Contact your insurance company if the loss looks larger than your deductible. 3. ... READ MORE

Water damage cleanup in Minnesota

Our team quickly responded to this water loss in Apple Valley, MN. It is critical to get the water extracted as soon as possible to prevent secondary damages fr... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes in Eagan, MN

The homeowners were out of the country for nearly a month. Their furnace failed while they were gone and the home sustained over 30 separate pipe breaks. Ceilin... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes - Apple Valley, MN

A retired couple spent the winter in Arizona and had a single frozen pipe on the upper floor of their home. The water leaked slowly and accumlated over a period... READ MORE